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File 15327364318.gif - (46.56 KB , 220x126 , yosho meets spikeman.gif )
1327 No. 1327 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i see you guys are hosting my old flash comic

thanks for that
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>> No. 1331
be sure to check out the steam group
>> No. 1341
What order is the dates?
>> No. 1342
Dates for what?

File 133533529494.jpg - (854.34KB , 1024x768 , hearts-of-iron-3-10.jpg )
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I've had an interesting idea in my head floating around the past few days.

It would probably be as impossible for me to get into as much as the base game itself (but no less awesome) but what if there was a mod for Hearts of Iron III (or any other game in the Hearts of Iron series) that was based in the setting of Strike Witches?

Imagine being at the helm of Gallia as you watch it fall apart under Neuroi assault, and after the initial assault, fight with the other nations to retake it with what little forces you have left.

Imagine creating the various strike witch units and deploying them to where they would have the most effect.

Imagine just deciding to fuck the world and declare war on other countries just to get some land because you're a crazy power hungry despot.

Imagine the steep as fuck learning curve. Imagine the detail.

I probably wouldn't be able to get into it, just like the other games in the series, but still, the potential. The potential is what is so great for me.

What say you, everyone?
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>> No. 1308
Found this:
>> No. 1323
>> No. 1324
Did it work?

File 148009676953.jpg - (80.80 KB , 768x1024 , hzR5P9lJlgA.jpg )
1310 No. 1310 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I'm beginner singer.
I recorded a couple of songs live, I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
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>> No. 1320
File 151265396990.gif - (635 B , 33x44 , msg_inbox.gif )
>> No. 1321
File 151265866496.png - (1.96 KB , 76x61 , derslime.png )
hey hepcats rule howre you knownin
>> No. 1322
File 151269382745.gif - (34.41 KB , 240x300 , hepcatcQQQQ.gif )

File 13338617111.jpg - (196.47KB , 768x1024 , DSCN1170 - Copy.jpg )
697 No. 697 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
gun thread? post collections, talk about them outside of the context of the series, et cetera.
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>> No. 1305

It has a Tapco G2, yes. It's an adequate trigger on every other AK I've used, this probably comes down to being installed by CAI monkies.
>> No. 1306

I should mention the trigger isn't why I should have gotten a regular M70, but the bulged trunnion, gas-cutoff/grenade sites, and 1.5mm reciever would have been cool to have. the M70 is a fucking tank. The Npap is nice but it's sort of a bridge between the M70 and the AKM rather than being a copy of either of those two guns.

I don't need any of those features, it would just be neat to have.
>> No. 1307

I actually picked up an M70AB2 a few weeks ago. Pretty fun. The stock isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The things you listed are the same reason I got it, it's just cool and unique looking. The longer handguard and thicker barrel make it look shorter overall.

The OPAP is closer to the M70 series and generally regarded as higher quality; century has been fucking up the NPAP lately.

File 132058481594.jpg - (311.10KB , 1300x764 , 14663698.jpg )
137 No. 137 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'm going to dump all of the DirtyFox art here, including my own 'before and after' comparisons because it needs to be in a thread and there is a lot hatred from at least 3 other people to his art because it's not up to snuff.

And on the other hand: Even if it's not the best, doesn't it deserve it's own thread?
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>> No. 1247
I appreciate this thread, for it has served its purpose (derpyfox warning/containment thread) very well over the years.

Thank you, OP.
>> No. 1303
His art isn't that bad...
>> No. 1304

Yeah. I don't get all the hate, I actually like his style.

File 132132336677.jpg - (209.19KB , 650x667 , b21886dfadeed4e800d274ef86cee9e1.jpg )
167 No. 167 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Strike Witches crossover thread anyone?

Char is 3X faster than a normal witch.
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>> No. 1285
File 143481018285.jpg - (36.42 KB , 379x395 , 1238975080104.jpg )
>> No. 1286
File 143491948740.jpg - (443.14 KB , 968x997 , 51023084_p0.jpg )
>> No. 1288

File 143189122555.jpg - (77.50 KB , 708x1129 , 14317520208950.jpg )
1256 No. 1256 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Voting for the best imageboard engine.
We need your voice!
Help your board!
>> No. 1257
Either 4chan or dvach engine

Why is neither listed?

File 137363309415.jpg - (114.25KB , 593x632 , Front page.jpg )
1147 No. 1147 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- (Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~, lit. "Fleet Collection")

>An IJN ship girls-themed browser game by Kadokawa Games for Windows, Mac and Android Tablets.

Does anyone here have any experience with this game? Many great SW artists have talked and drawn fanart about it on their twitter and shown a lot of interest in it.
Do you think this will become as big as Strike Witches?

I personally am really happy for Shibafu who has drawn many of the characters in the game, and if you open the game's web page his characters are the most in the center of attention
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>> No. 1246
Well, the very first publication under the title of Strike Witches was illustration column in the Vol.1 of COMP-ACE released on Mar. 26, 2005.
So SW will celebrate its 10th anniversary in about 2 months.
It'd been another three years before the TV series aired.

As for Kancolle, getting an anime in a year since release is fast, but getting anime made is not that special (hell, kadokawa animates whatever shit they think might be a hit)
It's still very new, and there's much room to grow.
So I do sincerely hope that Kancolle will continue to expand and settle like SW and not just end up as "a fad"
Only time will tell...
>> No. 1254
Humi's work was used as an eyecatch in the last episode, which was nice.
>> No. 1255
I find their attempt to replicating Eilanya disturbing.

File 133852793310.jpg - (170.81KB , 628x851 , 1334125336622.jpg )
766 No. 766 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I've returned from the depths of Hell itself to notify you all that I will be taking a ride in a Boeing B-17G tomorrow! Is there anything that you blokes want me to do for you? Such as grabbing some pictures or what not? Will any of you be there? It's at Felts Field, Spokane, Washington. I doubt many of you can find the patience to tolerate my presence, but if you want to see me I'll be in uniform; it's that of a US Army Technical Sergeant, my grandfather's. I just got a new garrison cap today for it too!
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>> No. 777

...carrie from mythbusters wasn't a close enough approximation?
>> No. 778
I wish I had them with me, I probably do some where, but I got to go around the interior of a B-24 Liberator.

I'd love to think there was a B-17 as well, but I don't remember, it was many years ago.

If any one's in the Southern US, it was at Jacksonville Air Force Base, in Arkansas.

Well, it was either there or at the Hot Springs Airfield, I'm more inclined to think it was the latter but I could be wrong, memory likes to fuck info up.
>> No. 779
Shit, got on a tangent, I had tons of photos I shot of the interiors and exteriors of those planes. That's what I meant to say.

File 135891746416.jpg - (95.44KB , 1280x720 , vividred-aoi-hammer.jpg )
1037 No. 1037 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are the chances of getting a Vividred Operation board?
I only ask because of it's relationship to Strike Witches, and GnP got one as well.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1042
Roger that
>> No. 1090
i honestly think it's fine without one. one of the reasons SW does OK is that it has a brazillion different minor characters and a courtesy flush-level crapload of secondary media while VRO is basically just a show. even /gup/ was pushing it for a board.
>> No. 1134
I love Strike Witches, and Vividred felt stupid even to me.

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