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File 135891746416.jpg - (95.44KB , 1280x720 , vividred-aoi-hammer.jpg )
1037 No. 1037
What are the chances of getting a Vividred Operation board?
I only ask because of it's relationship to Strike Witches, and GnP got one as well.
>> No. 1038
>> No. 1039
I've never actually seen the show, or gone to any of the threads.

How popular is it? I might toss a board up if it's really bustling.
>> No. 1040
I don't know how popular it really is, on the count of I don't visit any other anime board/site besides this one.
This was just something I thought about.
The show is pretty good, though.
Not as lewd as most people probably thought.
It's barely approaching it's third episode, so its popularity can go either way as of now.
>> No. 1041
Well, if a couple more people want it, I'll make it.
>> No. 1042
Roger that
>> No. 1090
i honestly think it's fine without one. one of the reasons SW does OK is that it has a brazillion different minor characters and a courtesy flush-level crapload of secondary media while VRO is basically just a show. even /gup/ was pushing it for a board.
>> No. 1134
I love Strike Witches, and Vividred felt stupid even to me.

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