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File 137363309415.jpg - (114.25KB , 593x632 , Front page.jpg )
1147 No. 1147
>艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- (Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~, lit. "Fleet Collection")

>An IJN ship girls-themed browser game by Kadokawa Games for Windows, Mac and Android Tablets.

Does anyone here have any experience with this game? Many great SW artists have talked and drawn fanart about it on their twitter and shown a lot of interest in it.
Do you think this will become as big as Strike Witches?

I personally am really happy for Shibafu who has drawn many of the characters in the game, and if you open the game's web page his characters are the most in the center of attention
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>> No. 1160
File 137517792038.jpg - (973.61KB , 1920x1200 , kan.jpg )
>> No. 1161
This game is really popular in Japan.
Pixiv tag for it is more active than the Strike Witches tag at the moment.
>> No. 1169
Japan gets all of the cool games.

We get World of Tanks and War Thunder/World of Warplanes.

Shame I'm more interested in moeships. Can't even use a proxy to try to play the game where I'm at right now.
>> No. 1170
Found some info on how to play the moeship game!


courtesy of of the people at /jeypee/
Good luck on being awake at the right time to get in though, its popularity is exceeding the devs' expectations such that for new openings they're having to implement a lottery system as they get more servers and what not up.
>> No. 1172
File 138043146733.jpg - (168.22KB , 600x936 , 5bde13a5e14b4786414691d8926c936a.jpg )
Needs more Shimakaze
probably the best DD class vessel for taking on larger surface combatants in all WW2
>> No. 1173
impulse ordered Shimakaze nendo from hobby link in case i like the show. what could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 1174
File 138078435417.jpg - (138.68KB , 550x800 , Kantai-Collection-Shimakaze-Nendoroid-by-Good-Smil.jpg )
I like how they included the "Ohh! Ohh!!!" face

>> No. 1175
File 138089739155.jpg - (447.15KB , 1080x1920 , kc atago1.jpg )
There are Kancolle related fanarts that pop out in Pixiv and Danbooru every few hours or so.

There are planned anime figures and various goods pertaining Kancolle characters and counting.. considering there aren't any figures released yet.

Compare to Strike Witches which started with trading figures then some very hard to find GDH ones. It took an anime series and some few more months before some big name figure makers finally decided to make their own versions of witches.

TL;DR short Kancolle might have higher release cycles of figures and goods in the foreseeable future..

It may eventually surpass Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer in terms of popularity.

UNLESS this turns out to be a fad..

THEN I also wouldn't be surprised if some Commie Jerkasses from PRC or few numbnuts in ROK call this an "Imperialist Militaristic Bullshit", but then Japan wouldn't give a fuck about them anyway.
>> No. 1176
File 138089785144.jpg - (433.15KB , 1496x1898 , kc kirishima2.jpg )
One thing I forgot to mention. It's the game that made this Kancolle thing popular. So even if the anime and manga/doujins would flop, as long as DMM and Kadokawa can make their game interesting, Kancolle might carry on.
>> No. 1177
>Social network gaming
pick one

I doubt it'll last long, unfortunately.
SW and GuP franchises were laid out from the beginning to be multimedia expansive universe, but Kancolle is basically just trading cards, so to speak of.
Without some passionate creators like Humikane and Yamibun, it will eventually be forgotten.
>> No. 1178
But I do hope it won't be forgotten.
>> No. 1179
File 13813706166.jpg - (281.55KB , 1920x1440 , Kongou.jpg )
What with it having an anime and other media in the works, at least the short time it had the attention wouldn't be a short one.

I could see the popularity staying, but the rapid rise of its growth is a tad worrying. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and all that.
>> No. 1180
unforgettable rather, my mistake.
>> No. 1181
File 138224230861.jpg - (74.49KB , 500x931 , kc nagara3.jpg )
>>>Without some passionate creators like Humikane and Yamibun, it will eventually be forgotten.

Indeed, Kancolle will be forgotten, amidst the fact Humikane is starting to get into this hype too.
>> No. 1182
File 138224242992.jpg - (74.49KB , 500x931 , kc nagara3.jpg )
>>Without some passionate creators like Humikane and Yamibun, it will eventually be forgotten.

Indeed, Kancolle will be forgotten, amidst the fact Humikane is starting to get into this hype too.

Kancolle Nagara
>> No. 1183
File 138224259527.jpg - (47.87KB , 350x739 , kc sazanami3.jpg )
Kancolle Sazanami by Humikane..

Yup, Kancolle is just another forgettable hype.
>> No. 1184
File 138224339349.jpg - (74.49KB , 500x931 , kc nagara3.jpg )
Kancolle Nagara by Humikane
>> No. 1185
File 13822434457.jpg - (47.87KB , 350x739 , kc sazanami3.jpg )
Kancolle Sazanami by Humikane
>> No. 1188
Is there any possibility of an English translation of the game?
>> No. 1189
Not at present, the Kancolle wiki is really helpful with figuring out how to work the controls though!
>> No. 1190
File 138417684910.png - (299.89KB , 1500x1500 , yukikaze needs commander's help.png )
It's just a bad browser game, really. I don't understand its popularity. I guess IJN stuff is big in the somewhat nationalistic Japan and combined with moe, it just works.

But I'd wager it's a fad that'll die soon. Many Touhou artists are also jumping boat and drawing KanColle stuff. Goes to show that many pixiv artists just draw whatever is popular.

Earworm warning:
>> No. 1191
I seriously hope not, at least for now. Let Japan make some superb Shimakaze, Kongou and Yukikaze scale figures first. Then after that, the fad can go sink itself.
>> No. 1193
File 138811353263.png - (343.98KB , 512x818 , taihou 3.png )
Apparently.. this so called "Fad" you are talking about is still going strong, with a Tie up event with Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, lots of figures and merchandise and 4 new ships girls introduced.

Btw, Humikane is officially illustrating for this "fad" right now, starting off with the Aircraft Carrier Taiho.
>> No. 1194
File 138811366998.jpg - (21.03KB , 218x300 , 156.jpg )
Here's the in-game card version
>> No. 1195
File 13881139501.jpg - (58.11KB , 220x300 , Fog_Iona.jpg )
Arpeggio Iona's/I-401 in-game card
>> No. 1196
File 138811403833.png - (471.94KB , 720x433 , 1486880_566651886743869_1876668828_n.png )
Gameplay screencap of the December 2013 event, KanColle x Arpeggio
>> No. 1197
File 138811534522.jpg - (94.98KB , 850x478 , sample-b22cf8cffbb4e7a58b7e4d34d2477dfd.jpg )
But really, if this fad does sink into the depths of the forgotten trench.. we'll see who the "real fans" are..

Gone are the posers that just went with the bandwagon or should we say, bandboat.

All that's probably left are the Mecha Musume and/or Naval Warfare buffs that enjoyed what they like.

Well, assuming that DMM still keeps the game or the franchise around that is..
>> No. 1199
File 139487747953.png - (507.12KB , 785x744 , 9901.png )
I remember some saying KanColle is just a Hyped up browser game. A fad that's about to die soon.

Guess what? it's about to reach it's 1st year anniversary with new ship girls being added, inspired several manga and has an upcoming anime to boot.

How much Strike Witches and KanColle related stuff are being imported from Pixiv to Danbooru again?

Strike Withes - 12K; KanColle - 23K

Indeed,It's a definite Fad. Humikane it's not participating in it either.
>> No. 1236
  PV of the anime is out..
>> No. 1244
File 142072956346.gif - (1.98MB , 500x281 , kc atago4.gif )
The anime of the fad actually started airing today. I guess most of the people here don't like Kantai Collection at all.
>> No. 1245
I'm not quite sure if you're being sarcastic or not. 1 year definitely isn't a verylong anniversary to celebrate, though.

The first Strike Witches manga was published in September 2005. Before long, SW will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary. It's kind of surreal to ponder that.
>> No. 1246
Well, the very first publication under the title of Strike Witches was illustration column in the Vol.1 of COMP-ACE released on Mar. 26, 2005.
So SW will celebrate its 10th anniversary in about 2 months.
It'd been another three years before the TV series aired.

As for Kancolle, getting an anime in a year since release is fast, but getting anime made is not that special (hell, kadokawa animates whatever shit they think might be a hit)
It's still very new, and there's much room to grow.
So I do sincerely hope that Kancolle will continue to expand and settle like SW and not just end up as "a fad"
Only time will tell...
>> No. 1254
Humi's work was used as an eyecatch in the last episode, which was nice.
>> No. 1255
I find their attempt to replicating Eilanya disturbing.

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