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File 132901178998.jpg - (249.40KB , 1422x1600 , birthdaySW.jpg )
2379 No. 2379 ID: 2da7d9 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Please put all birthday posts in this thread.
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>> No. 14813 ID: 798543
File 157175713978.jpg - (593.38 KB , 1200x1695 , 71293377_p0.jpg )
Happy birthday Fer and Takami

File 13284322326.jpg - (94.87KB , 784x944 , zipyaru-20090528-7-0027.jpg )
2298 No. 2298 ID: f03502 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Let's have a thread for the only witch actually based on a girl.
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>> No. 14945 ID: df0b72
File 157861853285.png - (296.19 KB , 760x541 , sanya_v_litvyak_world_witches_series.png )
>> No. 14950 ID: 9aa3ec
File 157887456826.jpg - (67.65 KB , 640x640 , 1439880023610.jpg )
>> No. 14952 ID: ef994a
File 15792288326.jpg - (98.70 KB , 1013x1348 , f0k7ndkalw741.jpg )

File 145604161750.jpg - (77.16 KB , 479x598 , Eila.jpg )
9427 No. 9427 ID: d5ff6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The Suomus Diamond Ace Eila's thread.
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>> No. 14947 ID: 683bff
Looks fantastic! Who was the artist for this one anyway?
>> No. 14948 ID: c2c790
File 157879112013.png - (2.93 MB , 2372x3343 , 33.png )
The artist is Tiltshift/Azalanz (https://twitter.com/Azalanz). They're a fan of the series too so it is pretty fun getting commissions from them.
>> No. 14949 ID: 20280a
Huh, I don't know if it was the color, shading, or just the fact that they have their eyes closed but I couldn't tell it was them. Makes sense though.
Regardless, nice followup pic.

File 157042126139.png - (1.68 MB , 848x1200 , 1.png )
14798 No. 14798 ID: 7ec557 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
New project!
I'll upload the pages here later.
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>> No. 14858 ID: 11b49b
File 157509808849.jpg - (293.34 KB , 1500x2129 , Dogeza trio 4-koma manga.jpg )
Not sure what chapter this is from actually but it's just this page really.
>> No. 14863 ID: bc0af1
I'll do that one next
>> No. 14944 ID: 3fd60c
File 157859485076.png - (1.04 MB , 848x1200 , m1.png )

Chapter 2.
It was pain to typeset.

File 157729318088.jpg - (1.41 MB , 1200x1715 , c8901373210d0aac6b1449c32a6b8393.jpg )
14907 No. 14907 ID: 157959 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So soon 501's story will most likely be over. I really doubt they will keep milking them beyond Berlin.

So what's next other than idol witches? Are we ever getting Pacific War witches? Or Korean War?

Or will they just move to AGA adaptation?
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>> No. 14938 ID: 74e6a5
Witches don't lose their magic from age, just that the ones using strikers without abilities like Eilas, will be taken off duty because their shields no longer protect from attacks.
This was shown in the S1 of the anime, Mio couldn't even block a handgun bullet anymore.
>> No. 14939 ID: 13ae3f
If you need help with a fan project: your friendly neighborhood Tome Anon is here to help.

My email is [email protected]

I also have something of a Strike Witches Lore discord channel but I haven't plugged it because I'm not sure if it's okay to self promote on the board or anything.
>> No. 14940 ID: e21fad

Thank you so much. For now, I've finished working on the setting notes for it but I just need to make a few fixes. I'll e-mail it to you when I'm done.

Back on-topic. Other than the African front, 508th Joint Fighter Wing, and Anna. I think the Hispania conflict needs some exploration.

File 157518721175.jpg - (1.74 MB , 3600x2000 , 1st.jpg )
14860 No. 14860 ID: 11b49b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
That time of the year again with Yule knocking around the corner, marking the fifth year in a row for Helma's advent calendar.
Hard to believe it's been so long and never thought I'd be doing them here still for so long, but alas let's enjoy the wait together.
As per usual everyday around UTC midnight as the day changes, there'll be a festive witchy picture to warm up with into the holiday spirits.
Times may vary slightly but I'll try to keep it same. Now heat up the wine, dress cozy and prepare the presents.~

- Door 1 -
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>> No. 14917 ID: c1e244
File 157736672274.jpg - (1.69 MB , 3555x2000 , 3 - Copy.jpg )
And under the wrapping paper shines through floof Yukari, Akane on her hoverbike and a Galko (onee-san) doujin with some Kusmi tea.
My Santa spoiled me again this Christmas, but thankfully I've been on a spree of spoiling my Santas as well for past few years so now I can feel just pure happiness. Unfortunately no witch related items, but I spoiled myself by ordering like five of the Alter witches earlier and I need to just go and pick them up one of these days from postal office.
>> No. 14918 ID: aca73c
Yeah, that's me. I'm pretty pleased with what I received. I just finished reading the mango and I thought it was enjoyable.
>Unfortunately no witch related items
What I did on my wishlist was just list my favorite animu on a primary, secondary, tertiary tier and I put Strike Witches at the top. I also said anything was fair game.
lol just noticed that Furby in the background. Pretty good stuff.
>> No. 14930 ID: 0e1ddb
File 157765300736.jpg - (713.86 KB , 2016x1134 , 1577330041456.jpg )
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year! I guess I should share what I got for /ss/

I didn't get anything witch related this year, but I instead got this cute and cheerful Anchovy, as well as some other neat goodies, including the cute Alpaca pin. Overall, a really nice gift this Christmas.

Thanks for doing the calendar again this year, as well as to the guest artists who drew the nicest holiday witches.

File 146587240622.png - (142.56 KB , 475x475 , --perrine-h-clostermann-strike-witches-drawn-by-dr.png )
10718 No. 10718 ID: a4dba2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I just recently created a new Discord chat server for Strike Witches fans. I shared with other areas on the internet where fans lurk, and decided that I should share here as well!

If anyone happens to use Discord then you are welcome to join and help build a nice chatting community!
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>> No. 10820 ID: 989c29
Reddit pretty much is relatable to being the Gaia online 2.0 iteration of modern days.
>> No. 10978 ID: 5c0246
File 146828703192.jpg - (126.86 KB , 680x680 , 7654556764h143.jpg )
The invite has expired and if there's a way to search groups from the Discord client, I'm not seeing it. Is the group still there?
>> No. 14925 ID: 94a560

Same here

Also, I apologize for resurrecting this. I wish to join, if the group is still active that is.

File 142029154988.jpg - (104.01KB , 900x600 , 47922057_p0.jpg )
7379 No. 7379 ID: 3b1099 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Dear admin,

I couldn't find a way to contact you properly, so here goes. I've been here for some time, and I find the site, while functional, lacks a lot of features. For example, auto updating

If possible, I'd like to help improve the site generally. I believe there are some other Anons that have the necessary skills too, so I hope we can somehow work this out together.

172 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 9693 ID: 7326ec
Update and the fix have been applied. Sidebar toggle is back again.
>> No. 9694 ID: e7171d
Awesome, thanks for fixing it.
>> No. 14905 ID: b520e0
File 157726119367.png - (23.99 KB , 630x338 , helma.png )
Hey helmadmin, this is not a big deal, but...
It's almost 2020. Any chance of getting HTTPS?
Throwing the site under free Cloudflare is probably the easiest way of getting it done if your webhost doesn't offer free ssl.

File 148601358071.jpg - (244.61 KB , 1267x711 , Painter Nipa.jpg )
12283 No. 12283 ID: 149bd4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Computers can now paint lineart pictures with a single click.
Put in monochrome witch pictures and post results here.

This Nipa turned out damn fantastic without any given hints.
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>> No. 14902 ID: 74e6a5
File 157725721458.jpg - (93.33 KB , 512x637 , SNFM7A3SJU41MLTQFA384BOYO7NL4PVK_0.jpg )
Here's one without hints.
>> No. 14903 ID: 74e6a5
File 157725726947.jpg - (92.70 KB , 512x637 , HECEM2ANMLIY2KT2C3O4J4I0BDI3XP5S_0(2).jpg )
And here's one with my half-asleep attempt at putting some hints in.
>> No. 14904 ID: 74e6a5
Here's a lot more witches waiting for some color.

File 136481159739.jpg - (2.31MB , 3264x2448 , DSC_0016.jpg )
5751 No. 5751 ID: 7653f7 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
This place needs more life. Post pics of your...stuff. SW merchandise of course.
458 posts and 285 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14895 ID: 7ec557
No. That's the only scanned page. I have to unbind it and then scan, denoise, filter, resize, level and check it.
>> No. 14896 ID: ec4573
Alright, no worries then. I'll be looking forward to the finished raw.
>> No. 14900 ID: e831f2
Scanning done. I still need to topaz and level them.

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