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File 134679616113.jpg - (1.48MB , 1224x1632 , 20120902_211112.jpg )
4304 No. 4304 ID: a4ad17
Hey Helma,
I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to start a project for making custom patches for the flight groups in the Strike Witches series. I already made pins and my money is still kind of burnt from that whole fiasco or else I'd take the project upon myself, but I don't have the option with classes in session and no steady job as of yet.

I've already got/ordered all of the 501st character patches and I'd be interested in at least 2 sets if anyone would be interested in going through with this considering there's no official patches being sold anymore.

Is anyone up to the task?
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>> No. 4320 ID: 3b222c
I think instead of character themed patches like in the picture, I would rather have military sized patches that are similar to the pins.
>> No. 4321 ID: 12cb96
File 134701496081.jpg - (11.89KB , 180x135 , 385322_2461934399700_1408733256_a.jpg )
I would love something like this so I can be tacticool.
>> No. 4324 ID: 87100f
No Lucchini patch?
>> No. 4325 ID: 87100f
What that guy said.
>> No. 4326 ID: c8e59b
What they said
Also, national flag patches in colors and subdued will be great
And maybe even LNAF patch
>> No. 4327 ID: a4ad17
File 134716877969.jpg - (963.26KB , 1224x1632 , 20120907_171902.jpg )
These are what I was talking about.

I ordered the other patches for Lucchini and Hartmann recently so they should arrive at my house soon. Here's my jacket already.

Don't have a picture of the back.
>> No. 4330 ID: a4ad17
File 134716956559.jpg - (369.59KB , 644x767 , 1346961715735.jpg )
this is what I was talking about. These were the official patches that cost ¥4000 a piece.
>> No. 4331 ID: 12cb96
Ideal: Patches that come with velcro, logos of the squadron and personal logos from the S2 ED
>> No. 4332 ID: a4ad17
File 13471813873.jpg - (62.32KB , 320x725 , f17b7e507a11002dba8811af6bbf5a7c.jpg )
Velcro would be fine, I guess. I'd like to have permanent attachments to my tactigear, but beggars can't be choosers.
>> No. 4333 ID: 87100f
Dat is some awesome swag you got there.
>> No. 4334 ID: c8e59b
You can velcro patches yourself easily
Just but industrial valcro roll and stick it in the back of the patch
considering that, I'd like non-velcro patches if possible so I can sew them onto non-velcro clothing like WWII stuff.
But that's just me being picky.
>> No. 4336 ID: a4ad17
File 134722109387.png - (190.12KB , 373x327 , 1346736487443.png )
I'd like non-velcro as well.
>> No. 4340 ID: a4ad17
So I've decided that once I break even on the pins, I'll be thinking about doing the patches on the premise of no one else starting them. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to do so without a job. If I don't get a job in the next month, I'll scrap my own idea, but if someone wants to start at least getting vectors and designs put together, it'd make it easier on someone else later-on.
>> No. 4341 ID: 87100f
How are the pins going?
>> No. 4342 ID: 87100f
File 134738133718.jpg - (44.23KB , 500x500 , 51w+QwdKWKL__SS500_.jpg )
From amazon.
>> No. 4343 ID: a4ad17
I just got a message from the pin-makers and they're starting the process of remaking the old and busted ones to get new hotness. Roughly 50 sets have already been sent out, but there's not many undamaged Liberion pins, so I'm unable to send out more until I get those remakes since so many people got a Liberion pin outside of their set.
>> No. 4345 ID: 87100f
Undamaged? Did I miss something?
>> No. 4351 ID: 00181e
I might be able to fish out more money for some awesome patches... And shit, I didn't realise that Liberon had a big blotch on it till a few days ago ;-;
>> No. 4352 ID: a4ad17
Your Liberion has a bloch on it? Did you try rubbing it off with your hands? That sometimes works for the issue, but I thought I'd looked over every one of the pins before sending them out. I apologize for sending you one of the faulty ones. I feel bad about that.
>> No. 4353 ID: a4ad17
You didn't really MISS anything, more like I kind of didn't publish anything big about it. There were quite a few pins that I received from the company that had blemishes of any sort. I tried to keep from sending those out and the pin-company is remaking the number that are damaged. I don't know if they are going to be requesting the damaged pins, but I haven't had to send them back. They're taking my word on it so if I get these new pins for free, I might throw out the old and busted for half-price. It's not much MAJOR damage, but more blotches of one color section being on the white or a bit of warping that catches the light and makes it look a little "off." I tried to make sure none of the bad pins got sent out, but I guess that didn't happen.
>> No. 4377 ID: e2dfb9
File 134808141669.jpg - (96.92KB , 600x800 , 1344314850509.jpg )
Glad to see there's still interest! I actually just got done making a few patches for Upotte, and with the movie coming out soon it seems a perfect time to start with a few Strike Witches squadron patches. I'm vectoring right now and it would be a huge help if someone could post a larger version of the patch on the far right in the third row and far left in the 4th row.

Now, I will be making some of these for certain, the question is which ones and at what price; both tie together.

The more designs I make the harder it'll be for each patch to sell enough units to meet the minimum selling point and the lower the minimum selling point the more expensive each patch will be. So, here are my questions: Would you really want all of these made and do you think I can sell 50 of each design minimum if I do make all of them? I can drop the price per patch by a dollar or so if I use 50 patches as my minimum instead of the more conservative 25. Personally I'm thinking I should have you all choose six designs or so and shoot for a 50 patch minimum. What do you all think?
>> No. 4378 ID: e2dfb9
File 134808218322.jpg - (96.92KB , 600x800 , 1344314850509.jpg )
Oh, and backing. Looking through the thread I'm not seeing much of a concensus; I can do either
a)no backing
b)iron on

I have a few velcro patches and I lke the idea of being able to swap things out easily but iron on does have its appeal as well. No backing has been a pain in my experience, but if that's your thing it can be done. The trick is that each design has to have the same backing, no special ordering some with a different kind.
>> No. 4379 ID: a4ad17
Hey Patch-Kun, glad you found the thread.
My own jacket has no velcro and Iron-on is crap. If it ends up being velcro as consensus, I'll still buy them and figure out what to do on my own side, but I'd say for now I'm on the fence for that matter.
Depending on the cost, I might throw down for 2-3 sets of patches, but definitely two because I know how much work goes into commissioning physical objects like my pins.

As far as which patches, I'd prefer all of the main JFW groups, 501-508th and the Night Witches patch. I never harbored too much love for the Africa witches, but I'll pay for those as well depending on the group.

Once again, I'd like to thank you for putting your hat in the ring for this project as well.]
Here's a thread that's alive right now for you to put your info on. I'm sure people on /a/ will love to join:
>> No. 4380 ID: c8e59b
File 134810271447.png - (7.79KB , 280x380 , 22489938.png )
I'd personally be getting two full sets of whatever patches you'd make, plus extra set for my friend, if this project works out.
Also, it'd be nice if you could also make LNAF patch and reverse Liberion flag patch.
I vote for no backing because >>4334
>> No. 4381 ID: e2dfb9
I'm actually thinking that if we do end up with velcro I might be able to set things up so the border hangs over so you can still sew them on. Just cover the velcro so it doesn't damage anything and you're set.

I also just found a vectorable image for for the night witches, just one more picture I need now.

I think I'll avoid /a/ until I have my ducks more in a row, so to speak; there will be questions if anything I say is important enough to draw attention away from the image dump, and I may not be able to answer all of them right now.
>> No. 4382 ID: a4ad17
>The image dump
At least we're being honest.
>> No. 4383 ID: a4ad17
So in general as I went through companies to do the pins, I had a series of things I had to ask them before even talking about cost, and that was the "quality."
I started off with whether they could replicate the pins exactly to detail, use the glitter, and what the backs and materials were.
For this, I'd probably say that we would need to contact a lot of companies to see how close to the vectors they can get. They'll say "we can duplicate them," but that needs to be taken with a grain of salt because they want the business. I'd ask if you can see "the most detailed patch they've ever done that [they] can disclose" after telling them that you've got a possibility of 50x(6to9) patches that need to be perfectly made. Pins aren't as detailed as something like this, so a question of detail is the most important.
That should answer your inquiry about whether the company is going to be able to pull something off like the Night Witches patch once we get that vectored.

What do you think?
>> No. 4384 ID: e2dfb9
I think you've got a good idea. The trick is that the best they've ever done isn't necessarily what I'll get; every company posts galleries of their best work for display without anyone asking and they all look spectacular. You can't really get a good idea of their average quality when you only look at the best.

The last company I worked with was crazy busy so they made sloppy mistakes, I'll definitely ask about current work load. I'll also want to know about their turnaround time for samples and, if possible, how many new hires they've picked up. It'd also be great if I could get myself a free sample of one of the most complicated patches before I dedicate myself but that seems unlikely. I'll ask anyway.
>> No. 4385 ID: a4ad17
File 134812347091.jpg - (256.06KB , 670x540 , 1340333555471.jpg )
All great things. I've actually worked out things with the pin company and the minor mistakes on each pin are being made up by the company at their cost. They aren't even having me send in the slightly damaged pins, so they're going to sit in my room and be poster-board pins for most of their 50+ year lifespan.
If you can inquire about "returns" on faulty patches that aren't perfect, you'll probably also have the impact of "I don't want bullshit, give it to me good the first time."
>> No. 4386 ID: a4ad17
File 134812442050.png - (189.74KB , 800x688 , 1347870079942.png )
I'd like to say once again that I'm proud of /a/'s endeavors to be the best around and not let anybody keep us down. I think this makes 4 or 5 /a/ projects that will have come about in the year of 2012. Korbo's mugs, the Upotte! patches, my pins, another project I forgot about, and then this.
>> No. 4387 ID: e2dfb9
Were those Accelerator shirts this year? There's also all of /ak/ which is amazing.
>> No. 4388 ID: a4ad17
Group projects in general are fucking awesome as of recently. This is 2 patch projects, but who cares, it's all good shit. I'm getting my mugs tomorrow in person from Korbo.
>> No. 4389 ID: a4ad17
File 134812805934.jpg - (8.49KB , 200x200 , 1330563567980.jpg )
Hey Patch-Kun, you should join our Vent. We're looking for regulars to join and you're a pretty cool dude.
>> No. 4390 ID: 2d61e8
I'm looking forward to how this patch project is coming along. You'll have at least 2 sets sold thanks to me. One for me and the other for a friend.

Maybe a third. I'm not sure. I'll worry about prices later.
>> No. 4391 ID: ad9d04
File 134814857285.png - (218.70KB , 1347x2673 , Silver Hawk.png )
I gotta get my hands on some of these patches. I be glade to help with anything.

I vectored the night witches patch if anyone is interested and if you want anything changed on it just let me know.
>> No. 4393 ID: e2dfb9
Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass. I couldn't get Vent working last time I tried and I'm not really in the mood right now.

Absolute best case you're going to end up with Nine or so patches at $5-7 each if you live in the US. That's $45-63 per set. I doubt anyone's going to buy three full sets; two is pushing it.
>> No. 4394 ID: c8e59b
The patches from K-supply was 2,400yen each, and that's even not counting the movie ticket price.
Yet a lot of people bought full sets of 10 patches for 240,000yen (400,000 if you include the ticket price)
Never underestimate the money sucking power of the franchise
>> No. 4395 ID: a4ad17
$5-7 EACH?
Holy crap that's a lot. That's 3x the cost of my pins dog. Hope you can find the cheapest without sacrificing professionalism here. I thought we'd end up with $4 a piece max, but $5-7? How big were we going to make these?
>> No. 4400 ID: e2dfb9
The Upotte patches I sold last time around were $7 each shipped, yeah. That's the highest price, lowest reasonable unit (25) THESE FUCKERS ABSOLUTELY MUST GET MADE price though. The figure I threw out for these SW patches was the sandbagging don't-feel-like-looking-at-prices price.

Now actually looking at prices if we assume I aim to sell 50 units of a 3" patch with velcro backing the price would be $4 per patch. Ish. The price drops if I assume we use iron-on backing or I sell more but the choice of backing is up to you guys. As for the number of units I plan to push I can tweak that, but with a Kickstarter if I don't meet or nearly meet that goal for each design the design won't get printed; at some point I need to find a balance between low price and low unit requirements.
>> No. 4402 ID: 12cb96
I'm the guy who mooted the idea of having Velcro mainly because my vest has velcro areas. If everybody is vehement I will just DIY it on.
>> No. 4405 ID: e2dfb9
Velcro costs about 25 cents more than iron-on which costs about five cents more than nothing. It's not an issue of price at least, only preference. I like velcro as well but we'll see how the final vote turns out.
>> No. 4406 ID: f65dc7
Well shit. I'm hoping they won't be made anytime soon because i won't be able to spare that much I don't think. Patches are nice, but I'd much rather have enough dosh for the film, and various other SW figs coming out this and next month.

Sorry mate... ;_;
>> No. 4408 ID: a4ad17
I'm personally for no velcro. Without velcro, even though it might end up more work, I like the idea that if I really "want" velcro afterwords, I can apply it myself later. If the cost ends up not being too high, I'll order 2 sets.
>> No. 4410 ID: e2dfb9
File 134826310484.jpg - (399.09KB , 1344x1378 , SAM_0055.jpg )
Hang with me here, these prices are far from final. You've gotta keep in mind that right now I'm using price estimates from a company I know I WON'T be buying patches from because their estimates are quick and easy and they have an incredibly simple system.

At this point a lot is in the air.
If Mikan sold 200 pins should I up my expected unit number?
Is 3" going to be big enough for these patches? (pic related)
How am I even going to bundle the things? etc.

Just don't give up hope yet.

Oh, and where did you do your advertising, Mikan?
>> No. 4412 ID: a4ad17
File 134828121613.jpg - (54.74KB , 468x703 , 6731464.jpg )
Where did I do my advertising? I went to /a/ and posted in buyfag threads, Witch threads, and just kind of pissed around for a while in general hoping someone would smell it. Someone found it here on /Helma/ and brought it here, so I saw that in my statistics page and came here.

I've actually sold about 500 so far. I've kind of lost my real stock numbers because of all of the on-the-side stuff I've been doing as far as people I know in real life.
500 translates to roughly 60 sets sold and I'm thinking even more people will order the pins now that there's more for me to advertise about. That includes a lot of petty-sales though because I made it very vocal that I want to get rid of them and get my money back. I didn't do any kind of kick-start. I just dropped $1450 and HOPED people would buy them after the positive reactions I got in threads back in March.
>> No. 4413 ID: a4ad17
On another note Patch-Kun, could you supply me with the high-res vectors so I can work on these wallpapers? Ive already got a few requests as far as JFW walls.
>> No. 4415 ID: e2dfb9
Well I won't be dropping $1400 on anything, there WILL be a Kickstarter, but those numbers are reassuring. I guess I can do a little advertising on MAL and a cosplay site or two, raise my minimum unit count to 100 and sell the patches for 3-4 bucks. Complete set prices won't be too bad with individual prices like that.

I'll post the vectors as I finish them, I need to hop on that so I can get quotes going anyway.
>> No. 4430 ID: 65cd5c
File 134835681249.jpg - (100.40KB , 1138x997 , 30285121_p1.jpg )

>> No. 4431 ID: e2dfb9
You could probably do that yourself. They provided a fairly large image and screen printing isn't hard or expensive to have done.
>> No. 4432 ID: 2d61e8
Speaking of, what other designs or pictures would be awesome for tshirts? I'd seriously consider using cafe press or something to make one. For reals.
>> No. 4438 ID: a4ad17
Hey Patch-Kun, I got banned from 4chan for "replying to shitposting" and that's for 2 days. Can you post the vectors here?
>> No. 4439 ID: bf560e
>banned from 4chan for "replying to shitposting" and that's for 2 days

..Seriously? Well at least that will never happen here.
>> No. 4440 ID: e2dfb9
File 134844681245.png - (163.36KB , 1000x1000 , Fucking BROOMS.png )
No problem.

Also, all of these are working versions of what I intend to use for patch production, so if you see any errors please tell me about them.
>> No. 4441 ID: e2dfb9
File 13484469354.png - (292.73KB , 2303x2500 , 502 outlined.png )
>> No. 4442 ID: e2dfb9
File 134844696538.png - (172.16KB , 2500x2529 , One Wolf Moon.png )
>> No. 4443 ID: e2dfb9
File 13484470088.png - (322.75KB , 2185x2500 , I'm on a boat.png )
>> No. 4444 ID: e2dfb9
File 134844706635.png - (907.62KB , 4396x5000 , suffering inbound.png )
>> No. 4445 ID: e2dfb9
File 134844713024.png - (797.48KB , 4396x5000 , All these patches and only one witch.png )
>> No. 4446 ID: e2dfb9
I haven't updated the Night Withes patch, I'm not quite done with the 504th and I haven't started the 506th yet, so that's all for now.
>> No. 4448 ID: ad9d04
File 134846253052.png - (320.92KB , 2303x2500 , 1.png )
502nd and 503rd need a little more work besides that all of them are perfect.
>> No. 4449 ID: ad9d04
File 134846261273.png - (839.92KB , 4396x5000 , 2.png )
>> No. 4450 ID: e2dfb9
File 13484649481.png - (397.02KB , 2303x2500 , 502 outlined.png )
There's three out of five issues addressed.

As for the short talon, I'm going to leave that as-is. At the length of the other talons you'd barely be able to see it, if at all, pass the lightning bolt's outline and there's a decent chance something like that would get messed up when these are stitched.

And the extra talon... the official patches can't into bird anatomy. There should realistically and anatomically be three talons there so I left it that way for now. Do you you really want that third one snipped out?

I also sharpened the left wing tips a bit while I was at it.
>> No. 4451 ID: e2dfb9
File 134846736867.png - (799.08KB , 4396x5000 , All these patches and only one witch.png )
Are we good with this?
>> No. 4452 ID: ad9d04
File 134846868128.png - (30.63KB , 576x245 , grfjs.png )
From the pictures I've been looking at I see 2 talons in the front one in the back but if you want to leave them that way go ahead. Just sharpen them up a bit.
>> No. 4453 ID: ad9d04
File 134846907696.png - (14.91KB , 165x125 , udge.png )
>> No. 4454 ID: a4ad17
That looks good as it is. The lines are kind of... disturbing to the image.
>> No. 4455 ID: a4ad17
File 134847003662.png - (637.71KB , 1980x1080 , 502nd v1_4.png )
What was wrong with the vector I used for this? Why don't you just go with this one? I think it looks better. Especially when you put that huge bulge on the back talon on it's left leg. What are you doin' man? All these awkward bulges that aren't in the original.

I'll wait until I see the 2 talons without the bulge, but until then, I like this one better.
>> No. 4456 ID: a4ad17
However, for consideration of the patch sizes, I think that's why they only had 2 in the first place. Try making the legs less bulgy to compensate, but the way the feet are now, I can see that the talons won't be good as they are now.

Keep up the good work though. The 503rd looks fine. It's simplicity is compensated by the intense lines on the mountain and the bright colors. There's no need to draw more attention to the broom-blob.
>> No. 4457 ID: e2dfb9
>for consideration of the patch sizes, I think that's why they only had 2 in the first place
Probably, but considering the stupid amounts of detail they put into the 501st's brooms that doesn't make much sense. I'll keep playing with the talons and make the call myself.

You're killing me! I'll try stroking two lines in that area, but I'm placing them a bit farther apart.
>> No. 4463 ID: e2dfb9
File 134855637483.png - (394.86KB , 2303x2500 , 502nd copy.png )
Reporting back.
>> No. 4464 ID: e2dfb9
File 134855645139.png - (804.35KB , 4396x5000 , 503rd.png )
>> No. 4474 ID: 87100f
The patches looks awesome!
>> No. 4481 ID: ad9d04
Very Nice!
>> No. 4484 ID: a4ad17
I just wanna say that if we have the Afrika patch, I'm not sure I'll end up buying that one. I've never really been a huge fan of the Afrika witches, so paying an extra $8 for something I'm not interested in isn't really something I'd want to do. The only reason I like the Night Witches one as a 9th patch is because I like the way it looks.
>> No. 4485 ID: e2dfb9
I said not to take those numbers as final, remember? It's looking like they'll be between $3 and $4 each unless I find some hidden Kickstarter fees. The problem now is that getting nine patches made at once is already going to be a ton of work and make me more likely to slip up. It'd also raise the price of a set more, but at the price I'm shooting for that shouldn't be too big a deal.
>> No. 4488 ID: e2dfb9
File 134880545068.png - (586.33KB , 2500x2810 , 506th Helma size.png )
And with the 506th I'm done. All that's left to do is work out how I'll do things on Kickstarter and see if I can't weasel an early sample out of a salesman. I'm also pretty confident I can sell the patches for $3 a pop, so $27 per set. A much more agreeable number, no?
>> No. 4489 ID: a4ad17
>> No. 4493 ID: a4ad17
Uh... Where's the Ardor Witches?
>> No. 4494 ID: a4ad17
Nevermind. It was already done on the wiki.
>> No. 4495 ID: e2dfb9
It was, but I also forgot to finish my copy. There are just a few details left to complete so I filed it away as done in my head. I'll take care of it sometime this weekend.
>> No. 4498 ID: e2dfb9
File 134898040665.png - (322.77KB , 2280x2506 , 504th.png )
And here we go.
>> No. 4506 ID: 9415b1
File 134906907911.png - (695.34KB , 2280x2506 , 504.png )
>> No. 4507 ID: 9415b1
File 134906936516.png - (630.13KB , 2303x2500 , 502.png )
>> No. 4508 ID: 9415b1
File 134906956198.png - (358.16KB , 1000x1000 , 501.png )
>> No. 4509 ID: 9415b1
File 13490698228.png - (728.02KB , 2185x2500 , 508.png )
>> No. 4511 ID: 069d9e
File 134908791119.png - (295.98KB , 1000x1099 , 1000px-504g.png )

any chances for a OD green/tan recolor run? I would pick up standard color set anyways, I got one done for my backpack while deployed but the qual was pretty sub par, would love a high quality set like this next time.
>> No. 4518 ID: 9c16ad
I am awaiting the kickstarter project with trepidation. I'll definitely send some cash in.
>> No. 4520 ID: e2dfb9
I hope a bunch of other people are too; for things to work out at that three dollar price point I've got to sell eighty-odd sets of these or around 750 patches. Yay.

I'll be sending out some more feelers later today to finalize the backing and edging type, then I can work on getting a sample and putting up the kickstarter.
>> No. 4582 ID: e2dfb9
File 134991954475.jpg - (47.14KB , 400x360 , 1348360888792.jpg )
I hate it! After looking up the patch prices and shipping on these it looks like I'd have to sell them at $5 each or a small break on the sets at $41 each if I set my minimum at fifty patches. That is entirely too much money.

I think I'm just gonna have to suck it up and pray I sell 100 of these. Looking at the support I've seen so far that number seems to be way too large though. Basically I've got three options here:

1. Set minimum to fifty and prices at $5/$41
2. Pray, set minimum to one hundred and prices at $3/$25
3. Decrease the number of patches I offer to decrease the price of a set

All of my options suck.
>> No. 4640 ID: a4ad17
Well honestly I wouldn't worry too much about selling them at a price like that. You also have the future growth due to the movie coming out and an increased chance of S3. If you can get the price down and go to 100, I'll, without fail, order 2 sets.

I do have one question though, what was the deal with the backing on the patches?
>> No. 4646 ID: e2dfb9
I could just do a ton of advertising, I suppose.
I'm going with Velcro. I think what I'll do though is offer the option to have it removed before the patches are sent out, that way if something goes wrong and the patch gets cut the damage is on me instead of you. All they do when they attach the Velcro is sew through the patch with clear thread, I've experimented with a few of my patches and it comes right off leaving you with a normal patch with no backing.
>> No. 4648 ID: a4ad17
Thanks Buddy. I hope you can get it through.
Let me know when you start the kick-start.
>> No. 4651 ID: 9aea83
thanks for the hard work man. I will ask my friends if they are interested.
>> No. 4654 ID: 069d9e
why not just ebay off leftovers at a increased markup? that way anything that you cant sell will be paid for by the ones that you made profit from? I'd pickup any leftovers because I'm pretty sure you could move tons of these at like $20+ a pop at a con or ebay, but your doing all the work to get these made so I wouldn't wanna be making money off your hard work.
>> No. 4655 ID: e2dfb9
I'm doing this through Kickstarter, before I decide what to do with the leftovers I have to get the things made first, you know? The problem is to get the initial batch made at a reasonable price I HAVE to buy at least one hundred of each design and that's friggin' expensive, far more than I can put out by myself. I'd like to use something like your idea, but it's not viable with this many patchs in a set.

I don't really care who does what with their patches if the project succeeds so long as I get my set or three, but a fifteen+ dollar markup on something like this is highway robbery. You would make a great businessman.

I submitted the project for approval early this morning, hopefully it'll be cleared by Wednesday or so. I've also got a job interview this Tuesday, and if that goes well I'll be able to soak up some more of the cost myself and lower the minimum backing to make the project more likely to succeed. Here's hoping.

Anyway, I'm going to be depending primarily on word of mouth a lot for advertising, so please tell whatever corners of the internet you post on about this once it goes live.
>> No. 4657 ID: e2dfb9
File 135045055675.jpg - (148.68KB , 600x600 , 132541027629.jpg )
>Your project, Strike Witches patches, has been accepted!
Gentlemen, the time has come. I'm going to make a blogspot or something, finalize prices and upload images of my last work, take a look at this link and tell me if I need anything else. This thing is going live this time tomorrow at the latest, so get in here.

I'm also confirmed for not poorfag in the near future,so I'll lower the project goal a bit.
>> No. 4660 ID: a2da08
waiting in anticipation.
>> No. 4661 ID: a4ad17
Grats on the job. I'm still looking for one.
>> No. 4662 ID: a4ad17
File 135050139989.jpg - (314.91KB , 1280x960 , b8979cfd7d67d261ebb7dad10fa89207.jpg )
Just checked the kickstarter page, and dude, you live in Sacramento?
That's where my hometown is. What are you doing this Saturday so I can rap- I mean meet the man behind the patches.
>> No. 4663 ID: 11fb0a
Awesome, patch-kun
cannnot wait to place my order

by the way, I've recieved your Upotte patches and they are fantastic.
Thank you!
>> No. 4664 ID: e2dfb9

You know what to do, folks. And please, in the name of all that's pantsless, hit every network you've got HARD.
>> No. 4665 ID: 441575
I'll pledge $25 in the coming weeks.
>> No. 4666 ID: e2dfb9
Charges won't be made until the third anyway, it would be helpful if you just pledged now so the project looks like it has more support. You've also got two weeks after that to make payment in the case of insufficient funds. Basically if you're sure you're going to have $25 to spare in the near future it's in everyone's best interests to pledge now.
>> No. 4667 ID: 441575
>it would be helpful if you just pledged now

Can't. I don't have a bank account so I have to do all sorts of annoying stuff to pay online. I'll get around to it next week.
>> No. 4668 ID: 7c9770
have posted the link on karlsland.net, hopefully a few chinese might be interested. Anybody put it up on 4chan yet?
>> No. 4669 ID: e2dfb9
I'm thinking about how I want to do that. I could post in a Strike Witches thread but that generally attracts a fairly small crowd. The best way for me would be to make a thread saying "look guys, patches!" but I'm pretty sure advertising is against the rules and a whole thread for patches is mod bait.

I'll post on a cosplay forum or two and maybe in the MAL thread of the last guy to do this later though.
>> No. 4671 ID: a4ad17
File 135058936428.png - (389.02KB , 587x944 , 3baf33d505eb2780b5c28426f56cc45a.png )
I just threw down an email to everyone from the pins before I stopped keeping track of sales. Hopefully you'll get a ton of people to look at the project!
>> No. 4673 ID: e2dfb9
Speaking of emails, check the Hotmail you listed on your Blogspot, would ya?
>> No. 4677 ID: 6d5879
so 25$ = pre ordering one set of patches? what if I want more then one set? do I gotta make multiple accounts to pledge? never used kickstarter before.
>> No. 4678 ID: e2dfb9
It's $25 for one set in the US, yes. If you want more than one set just multiply the number of sets you want by $25 and pledge that much, no need for multiple accounts. The setup is the same for individual patches as well, for example if you want three just pledge $9 in the individual patch tier.
>> No. 4684 ID: 9505ca
anyone knows if its against the chinese imageboard rules to post an advert regarding the patches?
>> No. 4685 ID: 23aeb8
I appreciate that, I wouldn't have seen this otherwise probably. In for two. Seems like a pretty short funding window though. Hope more people jump at this.
>> No. 4687 ID: e2dfb9
I'm not sure it's short enough, actually. Some of the questions I've gotten make me antsy.

I wouldn't, the Japanese do some really unpredictable things sometimes, it's a variable I'd rather not deal with, though that would expand my market.
>> No. 4690 ID: 12cb96
I already did. No replies on it so I assume it's safe.
>> No. 4696 ID: e2dfb9
Okay, we're a few days in here and it looks like I've leveled off at about 33% of my goal. While I'm waiting for a good Strike Witches thread to pop up on /a/, where else could I be advertising? I wanted to use Cosplay.com, but it looks like they require a 30 day old account and used items to sell on their forums. I also made a post in MAL's official Strike Witches fanclub, but nothing has come of that yet.
>> No. 4698 ID: 47286c
I'd just start a thread in /a/ and include the link in the OP. Threads about mousepads and beer glasses pass, so this shouldn't be a problem, and I haven't seen a decent SW thread there in ages so we're probably overdue one.
>> No. 4700 ID: f99b01
(from karlsland.net)
Read your post and the Kickstarter page...but it seems there's not much interest in the patches (No replies...)

Frankly, I'd support the project...but I don't have a credit card. If only I can pay with my PayPal, I'd back the project immediatly...
>> No. 4701 ID: 12cb96
Try hitting every anime-related forum. I know SW doesn't really have a positive rep as a fanservice show but every guy who pitches in count.
>> No. 4706 ID: 8b230c
Get a tumblr account and post details, images, and links to the kickstarter project or this thread and make sure to tag everything with strike witches.
>> No. 4713 ID: 87100f
Does reddit have a subreddit dedicated to Strike Witches or something similar? Or are they to political correct for having that?
>> No. 4715 ID: e2dfb9
There's an idea. I actually have no clue how Reddit works so I guess it's time to find out.
>> No. 4716 ID: 12cb96
I took the time out to create a reddit account and posted something on their B/S subforum. It's hammy but it will do.
>> No. 4720 ID: 87100f
Created an account for upvoting you.

http://www.reddit.com/r/iamselling/ might also be a good place to post.

Holy shit, Reddit is really weaksauce when it comes to anime and specially niched animes.
>> No. 4721 ID: dc714d

Reddit is didldos. except for /r/corgi
>> No. 4724 ID: e91487
Hey, Patch-kun, I want to order two patch sets for international shipping, what's the minimum I gotta pledge? 60? Or does the 5 dorrah shipping cover both sets' delivery?
>> No. 4730 ID: e2dfb9
$60 would be correct. I think I'm underestimating a bit on the international shipping, so that should take care of that issue.
>> No. 4734 ID: e91487

60, huh. Well, I just landed a really nice job, so I'm just gonna pledge in 70, you know, just in case.

>> No. 4736 ID: e2dfb9
>Just in case
I appreciate that. Of course that amount just HAPPENS to line up perfectly with the cost of two extra patches shipped internationally, so have what you want in mind.
>> No. 4737 ID: e91487


Well, I just happened to find 10 bucks in the pocket of a pair of jeans I hadn't used in a long time. Guess I'll pool em in too.
>> No. 4749 ID: 70cbe9
still 1000$ short of the goal, what happens if it isn't met? I mean I realllllllyyyyy want these patches but 1000$ is over my budget atm..
>> No. 4750 ID: e2dfb9
Actually it's more like $800 short. I've come up with a list of ways to make up that difference since I can't lower the amount or pledge money to myself:

1. Sell 32 more patch sets
2. Bake sale
3. Pantsless marathon
4. Drugs
5. prostitution

So basically, unless you want to bake cookies, take off your pants in public or run from the cops, TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS. YOUR ENEMIES TOO. Thirty two sets isn't that far off.
>> No. 4751 ID: 7653f7
you could get a friend's credit card and make up some difference fot yourself I guess
Ive already spread this on fb, instagram and karlsland.net, in addition to getting a set for myself. I will try to advertise this again.
>> No. 4753 ID: 8ae8f2
I just ordered 2 sets, only $722 to go! One thing I'd like to ask is will the packaging be "discreet"?
>> No. 4755 ID: e2dfb9
My funds are not limitless, even borrowing money I can only put so much into this and Christmas is coming up, so...
I was going to wrap the patches with a pair of loli-size shimapan with a custom lewd phrase for each customer, but loli shimapan are more expensive than I thought so instead you'll be getting plain old manilla/USPS envelopes. Sorry.
>> No. 4757 ID: a8ca7e
But we still get the custom lewd phrase right?
>> No. 4759 ID: e2dfb9
File 135148777351.png - (207.48KB , 646x809 , 1348903598911.png )
M-maybe. On a by request basis? Only if this project actually succeeds, of course.
>> No. 4762 ID: 6fb0a2
Just ordered a set, Tried to get my friend to at least buy one but he wasn't into it. Maybe if there is a Night Witches patch left I'll get him one around Christmas time, if you actually are able to do this.
>> No. 4763 ID: 20f2cf
With the Kickstarter, it looks like you're getting about 75% of the patches out of your hands pretty quickly. Isn't there any way you could take the red for a while? I'm about to cross out of mine pretty soon, but I know I've been in it since I ordered the pins. I only received actual orders the day before I was shipping them out. Given that you're still getting the occasional person that will see this and go "Oh wow how did I not know about this before?" are we really going to count it dead after getting this much support?
>> No. 4764 ID: 70cbe9
I got 3 sets I'd buy more but giving like 300-400$ in advance is a lil risky for me considering I have never met Patch-kun before. when I get my first few sets I'll be more then willing to buy more.
>> No. 4765 ID: e2dfb9
We'll see whether or not I actually have physical patches come Christmas. The December estimated delivery date I used is optimistic, but possible.
I'm not counting anything dead until midnight Saturday. The thing here is that you already see me in the red a little; $2200 is the amount it would cost to get the patches made, yes, but that amount doesn't include $200 in Kickstarter fees or $100+ for shipping and envelopes. If I put the full remainder of the project on myself I'd max out my good card with two months until Christmas with my finances after that still in the air. Even if that wasn't the case fronting $900 for patches would be tricky.

I could get SOMETHING made on my own, but it's not going to be a nine patch set.
Yeah, I tried to address that issue as best I could by posting images of my last project on my blog here: http://patch-kun.blogspot.com/ But due to the nature of the beast no one's going to see final product images until they're ready to be sent out. It's a shame.
>> No. 4767 ID: 20f2cf
I just changed my pledge to 3 sets at $75. I think that's as far up as I'll go though. I'm really hoping that this stuff goes through.
>> No. 4769 ID: f03502
Quick question about Kickstarter, will my name be accessible to people if I make an account? I do want to buy some of these patches.
>> No. 4770 ID: 12cb96
Try clicking on the "backers" tab to see what people can know about you. You can link it to Facebook/Twitter but it's more one way than bidirectional.

On the other note, I'm really tempted to get 2 sets but I'm saving up for a trip to Japan...
>> No. 4771 ID: e2dfb9
Generally the only person that can see who donated is me, but there are ten people who backed the project displayed at random under the Backers tab. Those are screen names that are displayed though; if you're worried just don't use your real name.
Money's tough for everyone. Thanks once again.
>> No. 4776 ID: e2dfb9
Well shit, the project exploded again and I've got a ton more blog hits today. I need to thank someone out there for doing something good.

On that note, did the guy that made the Night Witches vector pledge? Please respond with your user name if you have.
>> No. 4777 ID: 20f2cf
File 135164182688.jpg - (112.26KB , 596x843 , 1348118495983.jpg )
I posted a thread on /a/ that doubled as the main post for a SW general. There's a BD subs thread up right now, but I'm paying more attention on studying now that we got the +200 to the score for today. I think as we hit the last few days I might risk it a bit more while I'm on the wireless networks.
>> No. 4780 ID: ffafdb
Threw a post on tumblr earlier too after seeing the thread on /a/, looks like we should be over the line very soon.
>> No. 4781 ID: e2dfb9
File 135166415271.jpg - (132.52KB , 1000x587 , It comes.jpg )
Gentlemen, a toast.
>> No. 4782 ID: c6fd0a

Are you sure about your choice of blue for the 501st patch? It seems a lot darker than the original. >>4321 >>4330
>> No. 4783 ID: 23aeb8
I hope it is darker personally, I think it will look better.
>> No. 4784 ID: e2dfb9
Not entirely. What you're looking at is the general idea of what I'm shooting for; I haven't pulled the exact available colors yet. The nice thing is that I'll have you guys to act as a sounding board so I'm not all alone this time.
Then there's this to consider.
>> No. 4788 ID: 20f2cf
File 135172308966.png - (410.09KB , 1037x712 , I JUST HAD SEEEEEEX.png )
We should have a drink sometime during the Thanksgiving break to celebrate. That's the next closest time that I can get down there unless I am forced to go down this weekend.

I'm glad it all came to fruition.
>> No. 4789 ID: 20f2cf
And by all, I mean the funding.
>> No. 4790 ID: 87100f
I'll be drinking by your side, spiritually, from the other side of the world.
>> No. 4792 ID: e2dfb9
And so the project ticks into its final hours. Guess I'll have to finalize everything come Friday afternoon or Saturday.
Years of training and a little voice in the back of my head are telling me NOT to drink with that. It's nothing personal.
>> No. 4793 ID: e2dfb9
*that internet stranger

I almost used a sage, but then I realized there was absolutely no point.
>> No. 4794 ID: 262b84
pledged of $2,245 goal

Is this real life? Congratulations on successful funding! Got any streeeeeeeeetch goals?
>> No. 4795 ID: 12cb96
That is a painful rejection from >>4788

Also, Mikan I saw your comment on the kickstarter page, you evil bastard you.
>> No. 4797 ID: e2dfb9
None. Since the aim of this project from the start was just to get the patches made I think I'll either do some backer giveaways or charity donations to get rid of the extra cash. I'm sure ONE of the pilots has a fund or something set up, right?
>> No. 4798 ID: 7bebb7
Going to buy a full set in about an hour.
>> No. 4799 ID: e2dfb9
Colors! There aren't enough! This sucks! Also, we're almost a full thousand over the minimum now. Strike Witches love is indeed alive and well.
Thank you, sir.
>> No. 4800 ID: ae932a
Patch-kun, you ever consider making a subdued patch like in
>> No. 4801 ID: e2dfb9
I have. Now that the normal colored ones are being done, something in an olive drab color like that should be a simple pallet swap. The trick is that someone has to pay for them. If anyone's willing to drop around $270 (or $210 with an iron on backing) to get 100 patches embroidered I can have them made and they can sell off the stock themselves. I'd take two patches as a fee though.
>> No. 4803 ID: ae932a
If only I had 270...See, the subdued patch is the kind I'd actually wear.
>> No. 4804 ID: e2dfb9
The 502nd, 504th, 505th and especially 507th patches are all pretty mellow; I guess that particular OD color scheme does add a high speed, low drag operator feel though. I'm selling near cost so it should be relatively easy to get most of that money back for anyone interested.

In other news I'm not even going to bother trying to pick all the colors myself; either their pictures suck or matching is going to be a nightmare. It'll still get done, but I'm used to having an entire rainbow to pick from and their twill colors do not a rainbow make.
>> No. 4820 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201299611.png - (410.52KB , 773x495 , 1305865211152.png )
There it is mates, the clock just rolled over to zero. I kind of wanted to celebrate, but instead opted to have a nice cup of hot chocolate and a few chocolate truffles. Guess I can save the big boy drinks for patch delivery or something.
>> No. 4821 ID: 23aeb8
Just got the receipt from Amazon, looking forward to my patches. Can't wait for updates. Thanks for doing this man.
>> No. 4822 ID: 70cbe9
yes tons of thanks for getting this done, I got a new pack with a patch spot waiting for these.
>> No. 4823 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201601584.png - (234.22KB , 1000x1000 , 501st.png )
I wish I had a new pack with an open spot for patches... I still need to finish my backpack's storage compartment, come to think.

Anyway, back to business, I've gotta get this text perfect before I start the physical patching process, so if you see anything wrong with the text shout it out. Let it be known, however, that anyone finding fault with the vectors this late in the game is getting slapped over the internet. Let us begin.
>> No. 4824 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201637271.png - (466.78KB , 2303x2500 , 502nd text.png )
I'm basically looking for issues with text size, placement and curvature; I could use another set of eyes.

Does Helma have an image limit?
>> No. 4825 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201667920.png - (402.67KB , 2280x2506 , 504th text.png )
Looks like I forgot to save the text on the 503rd's patch, so I'll upload that tomorrow. Well, later today.
>> No. 4826 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201671071.png - (341.18KB , 2500x2529 , 505th text.png )
>> No. 4827 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201687670.png - (730.35KB , 2000x2248 , 506th text.png )
>> No. 4828 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201695364.png - (548.13KB , 2000x2275 , 507th text.png )
>> No. 4829 ID: e2dfb9
File 135201706475.png - (456.64KB , 2185x2500 , 508th text.png )
Pretty sure the text came out a little too big on this one.
>> No. 4830 ID: e91487
So, uhhh, Patch-kun, how do you know who wants how many sets? Cause I don't wanna recieve only 1 when I intended to get 2.
>> No. 4831 ID: 70cbe9
501st-507 the J on joint looks kinda low or long or something, just imo its close to the border below it. dunno
>> No. 4832 ID: 23aeb8
File 135202046233.gif - (340.61KB , 1000x1000 , 501st.gif )
Here's what I noticed. The sizes look good but the curvature is off slightly. Some very minor adjustments fix that. I also noticed that the center isn't a true circle, but since it took an overlay to catch that it's a non-issue for me. The gaps between the letters and the border is inconsistent enough to stand out though.
>> No. 4833 ID: ae932a
I've already pledged, but are these bad boys going to be textured like
or just flat like the Upotte ones?
>> No. 4835 ID: 239478
Just checked, there's no image limit and the bump limit is a staggering 5000 posts. Not sure if that was intentional or just a typo.
>> No. 4839 ID: e2dfb9
With the power of math. You pledge enough for two sets, you get two sets, you pledge $27, you get an email asking WTF you're doing. There are already a few of those I'll deal with before long.

Noted, but I think
This lovable fellow just took care of that issue.
Flat would be the safest choice. That is to say flat like Galil; M16 and Sako feel a bit flatter because they're 100% embroidered, Galil does have a bit more rise. I can see what the manufacturer can do, but I really wouldn't feel comfortable working with something like texture through images alone.
Whoa. Okay, that's not a problem, then.
>> No. 4840 ID: 7bebb7
>the bump limit is a staggering 5000 posts. Not sure if that was intentional or just a typo.

I got lazy. The original bump limit was 500 so I just added another 0.
>> No. 4853 ID: 148887
>This is a message from Kickstarter Support. We're writing to inform you that a project you backed, Strike Patches, is the subject of an intellectual property dispute.

>The law requires that we remove the project from public view until the process is complete or the dispute is resolved.

Oh dear.
>> No. 4855 ID: e91487


What the hell happened?
>> No. 4857 ID: 0f1c55
Either Funi or the production committee (probably Funi) got wind of it and went full NOPE.

>> No. 4858 ID: 8b230c
Well, shit.
>> No. 4859 ID: 9a0355
Then how about the money we paid?
>> No. 4860 ID: 87100f
We could perhaps go on with the project, we don't need Kickstarter any more since the money has been transferred and I assume that Patch-kun has our contact info.

The question is if he have gotten into some more trouble.
>> No. 4861 ID: e2dfb9
Fret not. I'm still gathering details, but

>Canceling an Order or Transaction

>Once a payment has been initiated, it cannot be canceled. The merchant or business you submitted payment to can issue a refund if necessary. If you used a bank account to submit your payment, you must wait 5-7 business days (not including weekends or holidays) for the payment to complete before the merchant can initiate a refund.
>> No. 4862 ID: 9c2cc3
Oh well.

Just try to get on their good side as much as possible to avoid any legal action.
>> No. 4863 ID: 70cbe9
?couldn't this be just some random anon reporting it? did patch-kun get contacted by funi or anything? I mean we did post this on alot of outside boards. does this mean no patches?
>> No. 4864 ID: 2b50f5
Seriously? Did no-one think that might happen?
>> No. 4865 ID: d475c5
As long as this is on a nonprofit basis then its is unlikely to happen but still possible. Chances are someone may have reported the project to Funimation who may have in turn informed Kadokawa, but really unless Patch-Kun gives out information regarding the claim we shouldn't bother speculating on what company filed a claim.

Really I think using Kickstarter was a bad idea, money could just as easily have been sent via Paypal with a little organisation.

I think what this will result in is the Kickstarter funding will have to be refunded and we'll just have to look at other avenues of getting these made, after all we already have all the vectors available, whats stopping us just sending money to an individual who can organise them being made or indeed us just ordering them from the intended supplier ourselves?
>> No. 4866 ID: 70cbe9
I think the money goes to Patch kun no matter what , its up to him if he refunds it or goes ahead with the project
>> No. 4870 ID: bf55a1
File 135232502066.jpg - (270.63KB , 1280x1024 , 1348783789231.jpg )
Personally, I think that our friend here should just give everyone the middle finger if he's made the money, and just fulfill his end of the bargain at this point. Besides... I really want those patches. I'm not paying 50 bucks for one fucking patch. Yes, I'm sure it's 50. I saw the price being 4000 Yen for one and did a currency conversion.

I just hope they don't go full Jewish and make our friend here pay more than he went in with. Much more.
>> No. 4871 ID: 2b50f5
It they do then it's his fault for infringing on copyrighted material. Regardless of how much the patches cost, it's not his place to start making ones himself.
>> No. 4872 ID: dff05f
File 135233208727.jpg - (84.87KB , 500x368 , 01c25f5d4738012bee7b497395a3d8630355840d.jpg )
I seem to have received a refund, can I assume the whole project is scuppered? It'll be a terrible shame after having come so far
>> No. 4873 ID: 1da6ed
File 135233397835.jpg - (14.68KB , 410x230 , top-10-james-bond-movies_flash.jpg )
When you're in this business boy, you've got to try not to get caught. If you are, it can be quite messy for you, I'm afraid.

So do these refunds engage by themselves or do we have to request them?
>> No. 4874 ID: dff05f
I just had an email from amazon payments informing me of the refund; I hope patch-kun doesn't get into any trouble over this

>> No. 4875 ID: e2dfb9
I'll be sending out the refunds automatically. I sent out like ten before my brain kicked in and I realized there would be an Amazon balance issue as-is. Give me a week or so. I'l send out updates later.
>> No. 4876 ID: 12cb96
Terribly unfortunate news. Are you still going to make the patches?
>> No. 4879 ID: 12cb96
Oh man seeing stuff like this http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/captainosaka/double-k-volume-1-and-beyond suceed while we can't do our patches makes me sad.
>> No. 4880 ID: 6a23c5
I want to puke.
>> No. 4882 ID: e91487

>> No. 4884 ID: 87100f
I suggest that we fuck up that thing to make us feel a bit better.
>> No. 4888 ID: 076f03

I suggest that you stop being a faggot. Taking out your anger on completely unrelated people is not cool.
>> No. 4893 ID: 12cb96
Am I getting trolled here? Because I posted this as a successful fan based project, not to incite some silly hate.
>> No. 4894 ID: e2dfb9
Okay, I need a few volunteers to take their refunds through Paypal instead of Amazon due to reasons. Email me ( [email protected] ) with your kickstarter username, real name, and an email linked to your Paypal if you're interested.

>We can't have nice things so no one can have nice things!
No. Stop that.
>> No. 4895 ID: 23aeb8
Just sent you my info. Bummed this went south.
>> No. 4896 ID: 12cb96
Patch-kun would this have gone better if you had clearly stated that it was Not-for-profit in your project?
I think this is a case of a rights holder thinking that somebody is making money off their property.
>> No. 4897 ID: e2dfb9
Doubt it. With these sort of thing the problem doesn't seem to be the copyright violators making money, it's the license holders not making money. If that wasn't the case no one would care about youtube uploads with nowhere near enough views for ads and the like. The seed's been planted though, Funi may very well realize there's money to be made here.
>> No. 4902 ID: 66cc70
So are you going to drop the project? Why not just have everyone paypal the money directly like last time? A bit more inconvenient perhaps, but still doable.
>> No. 4903 ID: 6a23c5
Just sent you my info too.
>> No. 4906 ID: e2dfb9
Doable maybe, but with one warning on the plate I'd increase my chances of actions that would actually hurt being taken-- I don't have the money to become an example. Or, to put it more simply I'm chickening out.

Kickstarter was a double edged sword on this one; on the one hand it was good advertisement and gave me a bit more credibility, but on the other it clearly gave me too much attention. It's too bad too because I had something nice planned with some of the extra money.
>> No. 4907 ID: 87100f
It's OK. The next time we'll work in the shadows. Copyright thingys are creepy.
>> No. 4912 ID: 3f1861
God i hate lawyers, You know 100% nothing will come from this. Funi will never have anything nearly as good.

You should do it patch-kun, i knew you were kinda playing with fire by going to kickstarter, should've done it the same way Mikan did with the pins
>> No. 4915 ID: 70cbe9
I'd be willing to pay allot more for a set of patches, wish they spent half the energy making merch that they waste squashing fan made merch.
>> No. 4917 ID: 9a0355
Just sent my info to your email.
Such a pity we can't get this project going...
>> No. 4918 ID: 9a0355
>>Copyright thingys are creepy.
Sadly, we're not the only one to be taken down due to this reason...
>> No. 4919 ID: e2dfb9
>should've done it the same way Mikan did with the pins
Go all in on a project that would cost me over $2000 bucks and pray I get enough money back to not go too far into the red? Nope. If it wasn't for the sheer scale of the project that's what I would've done; I could tank most of the cost of most of a three or four patch set, but nine? No way, especially if you want them as cheap as I was offering them, though I could've made the individual patches more expensive with the set still at a reasonable price if there weren't so freakin' many patches in the set.

Kickstarter also put people in a position where they were more motivated to get others interested so I actually met my minimums. If only there was some kind of secret club version of the site...

Anyway, that one guy on MAL (rather poorly) showed that the patches can be made, so maybe someone will do it eventually. Hell, maybe Funi will take a hint and do it themselves; I'd probably even help if they couldn't copy the originals for whatever reason.
>> No. 4930 ID: 0331e9
Do you think a single patch could be possible? The whole set would be nice, but I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to put in for just the 501st by itself.
>> No. 4932 ID: 70cbe9
Patch kun do you go somewhere to get these done or do them yourself? I've had my own patches done before but they always turned out crappy and like 30$ a patch
>> No. 4933 ID: 3f1861
What about going to a convention and talking to dealers. either selling to them at cost to make up the initial cost, or by sharing stall space with other lone dealers.

If you're at a convention its worth the time to ask.
>> No. 4943 ID: 87100f
Yeah, did a lot of people only want one or a few patches?

Kickstarter is the most known crowd founding website, one could perhaps assume that lesser known sites are lesser monitored. However since we want to spread the link there's a great chance of that the project will be found by copyright holders anyway. - Which leads us to some 'underground kickstarter'.
>> No. 4950 ID: e2dfb9
There were 44 backers in the single patch tier plus a few more that payed for individual patches on top of the sets; it's probably safe to assume most of those people wanted the 501st patch if nothing else.

I think I should make it clear at this point that though single patches would be possible I'm not going to make them. One warning is enough,I'm not going to tempt fate by pushing the issue. I've got no idea if using a more underground funding site would help avoid detection, as pretty much anything that could be done would be one reverse image search from discovery regardless. Seems to me like this would have to be one of those email only deals or nothing at all.

I haven't been to a convention in years. I greatly prefer the mail order deal anyway as shipping's a lot easier to deal with than varying stall fees, days of selling and unknown sales, either above or below what I'm expecting. It'd be a good idea if I was looking to make real dosh or start some kind of small business like this, but I'm not. This is also ignoring the fact that I'm not aware of any decent conventions within close driving distance.

If they were that much it's because you only wanted a few made; the cost per patch decreases the more you order. For example the 501st patch was going to cost $9.95/patch if I ordered 20, $4.40/patch if I ordered 50 or $2.52 if I ordered 100. The prices keep getting lower from there. As for quality, the one time I've done this before I found that you just have to sit on the manufacturer until they get it right. I think I was over 15 redos by the time I was done with the last project. Just keep a sharp eye and make sure they know exactly what you want fixed.
>> No. 4951 ID: dff05f
I'm curious, what was the nice thing? Were you going to embroider the custom lewd phrases into the shimapan?
>> No. 4952 ID: e2dfb9
File 135267836257.png - (372.90KB , 640x480 , 1329599187322.png )
I totally could've done that! But no, I know there were a number of people backing the project that didn't know anything about SW and would've been freaked out. What I was going to do was have the OD green patch embroidered and hand them out to everyone or raffle them off if I didn't have enough to go around. Aw well.
>> No. 4958 ID: 70cbe9
File 135269779863.jpg - (67.91KB , 650x487 , crying_jpg_650x10000_q85.jpg )
god I'm so freaking depressed this happened, even moreso now I know the OD Green I wanted coulda came too WWHHHHHYYYYYYY T.T
>> No. 4959 ID: d475c5
Just wondering, when can we expect the refunds to come through?
>> No. 4964 ID: bc57dd
It sucks that this happened, but on the other hand I'm glad I was lazy and hadn't gotten around to putting money into the project. Here's hoping that it all works out in the end somehow.
>> No. 4971 ID: 23aeb8
He said "about a week" in the email sent out a few days ago.
>> No. 5000 ID: 87100f
Have anyone received their paybacks? I have not, not it might just be banks being bank like.
>> No. 5003 ID: 6a23c5
No, I've got nothing on my Paypal or amazon accounts. But I guess Patch-kun just needs some more time to refund the... what was it? Around 3500 bucks?
>> No. 5010 ID: 695655
it has been awhile since an update.....
>> No. 5011 ID: ae932a
Still waiting on that refund. How long is Patch-kun just going to sit on our money?
>> No. 5031 ID: 090abc
The heist of the decade.
>> No. 5033 ID: 695655
from the kickstarter Faq

Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

I hope that its just that patch kun is needing time to sort out refunds.....
>> No. 5042 ID: 9a0355
So still no news about refund?
It's been more than a week already anyway...
>> No. 5047 ID: 6a23c5
File 135359178113.jpg - (49.11KB , 428x410 , 1321909223063.jpg )
Looks like Patch-kun disappeared with our money.
>> No. 5048 ID: 87100f
Sent a message yesterday, got no reply. Let's go to kickstarter and tell them our story then.
>> No. 5049 ID: 6fb0a2
Bought a Galil patch from him as well as the SW patches. He said he shipped the Galil patch last Tuesday so I'm hoping to get it soon. If I do I'll assume its just taking a while to do the refunding for the SW patches, if I don't, well, I'm out a total of $32.
>> No. 5054 ID: 9a0355
File 135365009643.png - (116.00KB , 2625x2473 , 903.png )
>> No. 5055 ID: e91487
We've been had.

This was a great ruse
>> No. 5056 ID: b4ffb5

I wouldn't do that. It might get him in trouble.

I'm sure everything will be refunded eventually.
>> No. 5059 ID: 47286c
He did refund my money for what its worth, though it was a while back. He's probably trying to work it all out
>> No. 5060 ID: 6a23c5
Well, this gives me hope that he will refund everything. Thanks for letting us know, anon.
>> No. 5091 ID: 6a23c5
Would be good if Patch-kun could at least give us an update or say something about how long it might take.
>> No. 5092 ID: ae932a
Patch-kun has fled to mexico, just like moot before him.
>> No. 5093 ID: 6fb0a2
It's been 2 weeks since he said he sent that Galil patch, I still don't have it.
>> No. 5094 ID: 89d2bd
Seriously, what is going on, patch-kun?
I have his address from upotte patch
Might as well give him a visit
>> No. 5095 ID: 9a0355
I don't mind his lateness, but mate give us a reply/update will ya'?
>> No. 5135 ID: e91487
I could really use those 80 bucks I pledged right now...
>> No. 5136 ID: d475c5
File 135445814139.jpg - (452.66KB , 1280x1564 , 1286006103010.jpg )
Its been almost a month now, so even though I didn't want to have to do this, and with the window for making a dispute via Amazon Payments closing in a couple of days, I have lodged a complaint against Patch-Kun as he hasn't been communicating with us about this at all.

If you read this Patch-kun I hope that you will make an effort to resolve this for all of us who backed your project, and to anyone else who wishes to get their money back I would suggest opening a dispute as well, in order to account for the worst case scenario, and also so Amazon take this matter seriously.
>> No. 5137 ID: aa4fa6
I'm filing a complaint with amazon payments as well. It's been plenty of time for patch-kun to get it together and refund the money.
>> No. 5138 ID: 20f2cf
>I agree to assign my claims against the defrauding party up to the amount of the refund I will receive, so that Amazon Payments can attempt to recover the loss.
Wait... so even if we recover all of the money lost, Amazon Payments can just take all of it anyway? What the fuck?
>> No. 5139 ID: 20f2cf
He DID say he was going to refund us within a week...
>> No. 5140 ID: 6fb0a2
Yeah I think I'm filing a complaint, I still have not received the Galil patch as well. Almost 3 weeks since he SAID he was going to send it out. It's kind of ridiculous. I sent him an email a couple days ago too, no reply.
>> No. 5141 ID: e91487
>The Amazon Payment Dispute Program does not apply to unlawful or prohibited items

Since the whole problem was due to a(n unknown) copyright claim, does this mean we have no basis to complain?
>> No. 5143 ID: 148887
That just means that you should claim no more or less than the amount you want refunded.

>Illegal, Inappropriate or Offensive Items or Activities
>Examples include ... materials that infringe other's intellectual property rights (including pirated software and counterfeit goods)...
>> No. 5144 ID: 20f2cf
Well, it's not the product that we were exactly paying for, but the production of the patches. That in and of itself was a "service," rather than a "good."
>> No. 5145 ID: 148887
I agree. And since this was all coordinated through a third-party which, by this point, has freed itself of any responsibility in accordance to its policies, I'm wondering what sort of policy Amazon Payments has, if any, in dealing with this sort of dispute.
>> No. 5146 ID: 586be8
Maybe he got.. arrested?

Poor guy. I don't really care about my $25, but if I remember right some people pledged several hundred. I hope this gets resolved.
>> No. 5147 ID: 695655
I think we can assume he just took the money, most people would do the same given the fact none of us know him. I would like to believe he just wanted the money from the start instead of a SW fan gone bad...
>> No. 5148 ID: 20f2cf
Nah, there was a legitimate claim against the patches. For that reason I wouldn't believe in that. Furthermore, there were very well-made vectors that he went through the trouble of making to get for production. He sent me my Upotte patches, so it's the same Patch-kun from before. I can give him a visit when I head back to Sacramento this coming weekend, but we'll have to find out then unless someone else lives in Sacramento and can go to his house with a provided address.
>> No. 5149 ID: 6fb0a2
The thing is he did the Upotte patches, no one would suspect him of doing this because he actually had them made and shipped them out to people. But he did.
>> No. 5150 ID: 148887
>You have received a refund via Amazon Payments
Thanks, Patch-kun.
>> No. 5151 ID: e91487
>You received a refund from Patch-kun Patches on Dec 3, 2012

Sorry it had to come to this, bro, but thanks.
>> No. 5152 ID: 0f675e
Well, at least it seems like he got his head out of his ass and starts refunding. I give him another week now to refund my money, if nothing happens I will file a complaint to amazon payments.
>> No. 5155 ID: 148887
Like >>5136 noted, the window to file a complaint is closing very soon. I received a refund about 12 hours after opening a dispute.
>> No. 5156 ID: 0f675e
Okay, I opened a dispute now.

And I mean, I'm not even pissed off because I haven't recieved my money, I couldn't care less about those 30 bucks. I'm fucking pissed because Patch-kun didn't communicate with us for over a month.
>> No. 5157 ID: 695655
Same, I think everyone just wanted an update of anysort.
>> No. 5158 ID: 20f2cf
Thanks for finally getting around to it Patch-Kun. Just wish you would pop in and tell us what happened.
>> No. 5160 ID: 6fb0a2
Unlike other people he still hasn't refunded me so I finally made a dispute. Hopefully he'll actually email me or something because I also gave him money for that Galil patch. I started a paypal dispute for that too.
>> No. 5161 ID: d475c5
>>5136 Here

Have received the refund from Patch-Kun, I kinda feel bad about opening the dispute but since he still hasn't really said anything maybe opening it got him to sort the rest of this stuff out.

Of course maybe there are other circumstances we don't know about but since we've heard nothing at all we can't be sure. I guess the important thing is its done.
>> No. 5173 ID: 6fb0a2
>We would like to inform you that the dispute has been resolved in your favor. This refund should be processed within the next 5-7 business days and will appear as a credit on your next credit card billing statement.

Well at least that has been taken care of. Just waiting on the Galil patch refund now, even though I do really want the patch itself.
>> No. 5185 ID: ae932a
Well, it's too late for me to open a dispute. I have to hope that Patch-kun isn't a greedy bastard.
>> No. 5213 ID: 0f675e
File 135510167321.jpg - (150.22KB , 489x487 , 9953fb52a6a7173c87045c9c44ca6d19.jpg )
>>5156 Here

How long did it take for the refund?
I've made that dispute 6 days ago and haven't heard a word since then from amazon.
>> No. 5214 ID: 6fb0a2
They refunded me in less than a day. I don't know why it would take them so long to refund you. Try to contact them again or something, and explain your situation to them and how you have not heard back from them or patch-kun.
>> No. 5222 ID: 31d8a4
I opened a dispute a few days ago myself. The emails say they'll give him ten days to respond and if he doesn't it will automatically go my way. Wish this had worked out better. Hope he hasn't gotten in to any real trouble as far as the copyright issues.
>> No. 5250 ID: 7f11dc
>>5213 Here

Just wanted to inform you guys that I finally recieved my refund as well.
>> No. 5252 ID: 4cfe4c
File 135549647128.jpg - (53.47KB , 340x298 , sip4.jpg )
Yeah, I just noticed he hasn't popped back ever since shit went down. Very amusing.
>> No. 5276 ID: 51528f
He's fled to mexico.
>> No. 5278 ID: 7f11dc
File 13557708652.jpg - (23.80KB , 429x410 , 1328301240454.jpg )
Why do they always flee to mexico? I mean, it can't be that awesome if all the mexicans try to get out of there.
>> No. 5279 ID: 039e00
File 135577615659.jpg - (107.51KB , 850x637 , tumblr_mb3nmwSl1l1rxfgupo1_1280.jpg )
criminals don't obey the law
mexico has no laws

plus it's closest depending on where you live.
>> No. 5288 ID: 87e67b
File 135588242367.jpg - (1.68MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
Well thanks for nothing, patch-kun
I got my own patches
>> No. 5298 ID: 582231
Do you happen to still have any of the pins?
>> No. 5300 ID: eb9e29
Yes I do.
I'd like to mention that they'd make a good christmas present for anyone... because I want to get rid of them ;_;
>> No. 5301 ID: eb9e29
was for
>> No. 5306 ID: 975eeb
Do anyone know if it would be possible to sell them at some random anime convent, like in artists alley or some 'visitors shop' (perhaps best idea)? I assume that it would be pretty safe since Funimation or any other licence holder won't have guys running around there.
>> No. 5307 ID: 51528f
File 135616982242.jpg - (58.28KB , 1042x782 , mexican-flag.jpg )
>> No. 5311 ID: 975eeb
You received a refund of $30.00 from Patch-kun Patches on Dec 22, 2012.
>> No. 5313 ID: 695655
if hes really refunding people I wonder why hes not posting anything on here
>> No. 5315 ID: d263c2
Does he have anything to do with the refunding, or is amazon responsible for it(I wonder)?
I would be very disappointed had I purchased a patch and he put me though this garbage. I am sorry to hear about everyone's struggles with this ordeal.
>> No. 5318 ID: 975eeb
I don't know. I filed a payment complaint.
>> No. 5328 ID: 444661
In my case amazon contacted him and he made the refund after that.
>> No. 5336 ID: 695655
So is there a way to get patches now that patch kuns patches are a no-go?
>> No. 5337 ID: 3c37d9
You can (VERY rarely) find them in conventions, or you can simply order personal custom made ones online. Some Swap-meets have patch tailors and you can give designs to them.

Custom made; what I did with Minna's emblem and the 501st. The website I found sells 100% embroidered, 3in, velcro-backed ones for around 11$ each (per design). Though, you usually have to buy it in bulk. I don't like that, but it's the closest alternative. I got 5 of each.

Minna's has yet to arrive and I ordered on the 23rd, and I just ordered the 501st patches earlier today.
>> No. 5340 ID: 695655
What website did you use and how was the quality? I have tried having the patches made by a patch maker on base before and it was a head ache trying to get it done and when I finally got it the quality was horrible.
>> No. 5341 ID: fbc0ac
I have not filed a complaint nor have I received a refund.

Have I missed the date for claiming a refund?
>> No. 5343 ID: 18cc78
File 135662103125.jpg - (61.46KB , 452x504 , 1219180578748.jpg )
I'm pretty sure I never got a refund either.

Oh well.
>> No. 5344 ID: 3f1861
Neither did i, which is a real shame since i only had a bit of spare change and went for patches over mikans pins.

I wouldn't care so much if It wasn't for the fact that i'm out of work now.
>> No. 5345 ID: a31c33
Went to http://www.qualityembroideredpatches.com/

Their patches still haven't come yet, but I'll let you guys know the quality as soon as they do arrive, which appears to be around the 14th.

I'm expecting at least similiar to >>5288
>> No. 5348 ID: 6fb0a2
Dear XXXXX XXXXXXX ,We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in yourfavor.We were able to recover $7.00 USD and this amount has been credited to you.Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort torecover the balance from the seller.If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owedto you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against theseller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's accountprivileges

This is the message paypal sent me about the upotte patch I ordered. It's too bad, I was really looking forward to having a galil patch. Hope patch kun is allright, and can give us an explanation about what happened, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.
>> No. 5349 ID: 975eeb
The weird part is this:
If he wanted to get away with the money he could easily have posted somewhere, saying that he had problems or something, making people less likely to demand their money back now but wait.
>> No. 5357 ID: b8d815
Maybe he dead
>> No. 5364 ID: e580ce
I certainly hope not
I'm getting worried now
He lives in the same state as me, and I have his address from the last upotte patches.
Maybe I should give him a visit
>> No. 5378 ID: 975eeb
Send him a snail mail?
>> No. 5391 ID: eb9e29
File 135731950191.png - (174.87KB , 650x450 , GuPSchoolDecals-1_zps0dd06d9a.png )
Not news on the SW Patches, but other news!
I'm taking on Girls und Panzer patches without kickstarter but I'll need a ton of people who are interested (as in enough to raise $500.) Anyone who would be interested? It'll be a set of 4 patches: Oarai, Saunders, Pravda, and Black Forest. I don't need the money until I get the final artwork, but I will need the tally of how many people want in.

Each patch=$1.50 (sets of 4=$6+shipping=$11)

I got my own refund from Patchkun, though I know a lot of people didn't.

[Why I'm confident we won't get stopped?]
>Crowdfunding publicly and Funimation
I'll keep it on /a/ and /k/
>> No. 5392 ID: eccc77
I'm definitely in.
>> No. 5393 ID: 15224a
I am in as well.
>> No. 5396 ID: e580ce
Count me in
Probably gonna get two or three sets
>> No. 5401 ID: 695655
I don't even watch the show but I'm in.
>> No. 5402 ID: 555d13

No Italy? I might be in for a full set, but I'm having a bit of a financial crisis at the moment.
>> No. 5404 ID: b85444
I'm in.
>> No. 5421 ID: eb9e29
Info here
>> No. 5431 ID: a31c33
File 135805083182.jpg - (877.49KB , 1632x1224 , Patches.jpg )
Minna's Patches from the online website just arrived today.

The quality is 8.5/10, fairly good. Comparable to your average mil spec patch but just a little bit rougher around the edges. I had actually asked them to change it to 100% embroidery however it ended up being 75%. I'll let it slide since it wasn't charged extra with the card and the patches came out better than expected.

I had also cancelled the 501st patches earlier last week due to me running out of space. I'd rather keep a lower powerlevel anyway.
>> No. 5547 ID: 42c817
Which website?
>> No. 5555 ID: e9ce8b
>> No. 5637 ID: 80cb66
Are you selling those extras?
>> No. 6449 ID: 1339f0
File 138016332279.jpg - (186.97KB , 1920x1080 , [Kira-Fansub] Strike Witches 2-ki - 11 (BD 1920x10.jpg )
Dose any body have cleaned up images of the characters individual symbols. The ones seen in the season 2 ending. If they are around I have not been able to find them. I am looking to make some (vinyl) patches and I find it hard to believe that nobody has vectored them before.
>> No. 6453 ID: e580ce
File 138016645673.jpg - (1.05MB , 2000x2667 , 12256353.jpg )
These patches been around.
I got fully embroidered Shirley patch.
I'm planning on making a subdued version in the future.

As for the individual emblems, pic related.
>> No. 6460 ID: 1339f0
Thank you.

I hate to ask but would anybody happen to know what the name of the font used in Shirley's.
Or if somebody is willing to give up the original vector or even a version with a proper alpha channel. (I have found a gif with an alpha but its a shitty after-the-fact one.) Sorry for being so lazy but I have to try before I bite the bullet and revector the ones I want. Mainly I looking for the font.
>> No. 6464 ID: 9395a4
Here are the originals. Took one reverse image search. They're gif as well and the resolution isn't spectacular. Can't help you with the font, but you could always as the original artist.

>> No. 6534 ID: 9f6cd3
File 138176427659.jpg - (113.68KB , 720x960 , sw&sg1patches.jpg )

Thank you.

Thought I would report back in with the end results. Vinyl patches istead of emborderd, they turned out really well. The JFW shirts were my friends idea to go with the SW theme of our little team, I was consernd about obviousness of them, but I can live with it. The Stargate ones are not relevant but this is the picture I have.
>> No. 6548 ID: afb5c7
Where can I found these patches????
>> No. 6558 ID: 1339f0
I ordered them from this site.
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